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Posted on: September 15, 2010 2:41 am

Re: Ines Sainz

My personal opinion is that male, or female, should not even be in any team's locker room. First off it is not professional to be conducting interviews in an area where players are getting dressed/undressed. Leave the interviews on the field. If you have to go into the locker room for interviews do it during the playoffs.

As for the "sexual harassment" and such, the players should have more respect toward her no matter what she is wearing. Some of these men are married and should be embarassed that this is brought to the attention of people around the country. Then to react the way some players did is unacceptable, not just because you don't respond that way to a lady or to the nature of the situation, but because there is an old cliche that says "you can't do battle with an organization that buys ink by the barrel."

You get on one media outlets hitlist and you're going to be on all of their hitlists. This is exactly what happened here. In the interview she made it clear that she was not the one to make such a big deal about it. Of course she could have kept quiet, but what does that do? Give additional support to the negative sexually degrading conduct by players.

I would bet somewhere, someone on the New England Patriots is having a little chuckle and muttering "what goes around, comes around." The Jets snitched on the Pats for cheating and not too long after here they are getting slammed by the media!
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