Posted on: June 24, 2008 10:56 am
Edited on: June 24, 2008 10:59 am

Hank needs to let George run the Yankees

So Mr. Wang got hurt running the bases. boo fricking hoo. He can't hit, he can't field, and he can't run bases. So now we need the National League to have DHs in order to abolish the idea of pitchers having to learn basic fundamentals and keep themselves in shape.

I've seen some pitchers hit better then some players. So to demoralize the value of a pitcher at the plate is completely asinine. Dontrelle Willis now sucks at pitching. So what? He is a good enough hitter to replace quite a few bench players and maybe pull a start at first base every now and then.

Livan Hernandez is another excellent hitter got to watch in Florida. Throw in Carl Pavano. He might not be healthy but he certainly hits better then most of the Yankees bench players. Josh Beckett doesn't have a clue at the plate, but at least he swings the bat with intent to make contact. Alex Fernandez and A.J. Burnett were excellent hitters too.

Rick Ankiel has converted from a pitcher to a position player that bats cleanup now.

Hey Felix Rodriguez hit a grand slam this week off of guess who? Johan Santana.

From Little League up, some leagues use DH, some leagues don't. One fact remains if you ever played from Little League to High school, there is players that pitched and played positions. A lot of major leaguers could pitch and hit, we see that even at the major league level.

Babe Ruth was an excellent pitcher, not just a hitter.

Jose Canseco pitched a few innings in his career.

Butch Henry is probably the name that I remember the most. Butch wa a pitcher that was often used for pinch hitting. I believehe is the all-time homerun leader among pitchers.

Then you got Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux. Remember the old commercials "Chicks dig the long ball". Both were top pitchers in their prime and also very good hitters.

But the National League needs to get with the 21st century according to Hank Steinbrenner. By his belief I guess it is okay to be a fat ass pitcher that does nothing but pitch and get fat. Just ask Dontrelle Willis, Fernando Valenzuela, or Bartolo Colon.

Please. Half the league has pitched at one time or another when they played little league, high school, or college. How about management stop making excuses for their team sucking so much. Just accept the fact your team is weak conditionally, and the managers that you should have fired already is doing a horrid job.

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