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Posted on: February 8, 2009 11:55 am
Edited on: February 8, 2009 12:01 pm

The 5 Cleanest Players of the Steroid Era

OF Chuck Carr

In 1997, Chuck Carr while with the Milwakee Brewers popped out to third base on a 2-0 count, Phil Garner asked him why did he swing? Chuck responds "That ain't Chuckie's game. Chuckie hacks on 2-0." Not too long afterwards Chuck Carr found himself jobless as he has found throughout his career. I guess talking like Rickey Henderson won't get you too far if you can't drill a ball out the park. Sorry Chuck you're just too skinny and scrawny.

Chuck has always been a skinny trash talking arrogant runt, but one thing you can count on this smack talking bum is that he did not juice up. There is no way with his swing for the fence first attitude and his I gotta make an easy catch look hard. If Chucky knew the rest of the league was on the juice you know he would have juiced up too, or at the very least snitch on all dem cheatas. From the Mets, to the Marlins, to Houston, Chuckie never changed his game. He won 1 stolen base title with the Marlins while trying to hit 50 home runs, but fell short by 46. He will always be remembered for his jogs to first base admiring that fly out just before the warning track.


3B Dave Magadan

Dave was a pure 6'3 big for nothing that came through the Mets system. He never hit more then 6 home runs in a season or stole more than 2 bases. He was just an adequate fielder and okay hitter. Dave would not be a major leaguer during the 90s. After leaving the Mets he eventually went to Florida and lost his job to Gary Sheffield. Sheffield was a scrawny little punk in Milwakee that never showed signs of power until after being traded to the Padres. Gary showed up to camp like he spent the whole winter in the gym. When going to the Marlins he could almost pass for a muscle bound Golem monster. So sorry Dave you're out of luck all because you chose not to juice and nobody wants a big for nothing that can't steal bases or hit for power, but youre a great guy so teams will keep you around as a backup.


OF Michael Jordan

Nobody in baseball wanted to be like Mike. Nobody in baseball even wanted Mike around. Mike could run faster and throw the ball anywhere with better accuracy then most major leaguers. He had talent, but he came in during the wrong time. He also couldn't hit very well and his defense was shoddy. If Jordan juiced all of us who watched him for years would have known it.


2B Wilton Guerrero

Wilton doesn't steal too many bases and he can't hit for power. He can barely even hit without using a corked bat. He is the complete opposite of what his brother Vladimir is. Younger brother Vladimir Guerrero must have hogged up all the good genes.


OF Chris Gwynn

He couldn't hit, couldn't steal bases, no power, nothing, nothing, and nothing. He got a shot because he was Tony Gwynn's brother. His career was short and sweet.

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