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Phillies World Series Bound

The Phillies ruined my prediction of the Dodgers facing the Rays. Oh well. Tomorrow the Rays will be looking to close out the Series against the Red Sox to move on to the World Series. The Phillies haven't gotten that much respect all season. So why are they here? It is simple. This team has been tested all season long. The Cubs? Cursed or not, they beat the daylights out of the NL West and barely broke sweat against the Central. The Dodgers? Slumped all season, brought in guys from competitive divisions and walked to the finish line before being dismantled.

The simple answer to why the Phillies are here. In the World Series, because they have been battle tested and have one of the best offenses and closers in the game. As well as having probably the best manager in the National League.

Outside of enjoying the Marlins win championships in 1997 and 2003, there was 2 other World Series I greatly enjoyed. The 1995 Cleveland Indians vs the Atlanta Braves and the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays vs Philadelphia Phillies. If the Rays finish off the Red Sox tomorrow night, we will have an unlikely matchup that most can bark and boo and yell at. Sports fans can rejoice at finally having a championship series that is not in N.Y., California, Chicago, Detroit, or Miami.

This year should be one that will be remembered by those who watched and enjoyed it, but lost in time by dynasties and the poor structure of baseball. The Rays can very well go on to win it all, but the question that will remain is 3 or 4 years down the road, will they be able to retain the nucleus of their ballclub? Only time will tell, but right now the time is to enjoy these moments in time. Good Luck Phillies.

And Good Luck Rays.

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Posted on: September 29, 2008 10:09 am

Marlins Rumor Mill

So this offseason the Marlins will be looking to tool up and improve where they have been weak at. It's a shame that Dan Uggla was included in the trade discussions because he is arbitration eligible and may see a pay increase to about 5-6 million. Uggla is the true MVP of this Marlins lineup and without him, we can expect a major change in win-loss record going into next season.

The Marlins will be seeking to improve defense and address issues with the pitching. Here's a list of changes that possibly could come.

Kevin Gregg. Lost his closer role to Matt Lindstrom after leading the National League in blown saves with 9, with 6 of them coming in the months of August-September when the Marlins needed him to step up most. Gregg realistically is a middle reliver, and at best a setup man. If the Mets can not land Francisco Rodriguez in free agency this offseason, more then likely Gregg will be a Met next year. Other teams that could be interested include the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals. With the Tigers Gregg will take over the closer role, but with the Cards he will have to settle for a MR or SU role. For now expect Gregg to be on his way to the Mets. The likely pick up in the offseason is former Marlin Luis Castillo with the Mets paying off most of his remaining contract just to get him out of N.Y. Gone? Definitely.

Mark Hendrickson. He's a free agent and most likely will not be brought back after his worse career in the majors so far. Don't expect to see Mark in the majors too long after getting ripped apart in one of the best pitchers parks in the majors. Gone? Definitely.

Luis Gonzalez. He said the Marlins will have first crack at him, but hinted that he will not just come back for a 19th season for the sake of it. Basically Luis Gonzalez will be looking to play for a serious contender, otherwise he will retire. Chances are he will retire if he is not happy with the Marlins offseason moves or go elsewhere to a contender to fill an outfield void. Gone? Most Likely.

Jorge Cantu. Can the Marlins outbid the White Sox? Joe Crede most likely is done in Chicago and the White Sox could throw a price tag of 7-8 Mill at Cantu. Gone? Definitely.

Dan Uggla. Uggla getting dealt will have a lot to do with if the Marlins can acquire Luis Castillo from the Mets and if the Mets are going to pay a load of his salary. The likely trade to happen will be  a package of Dan Uggla and Scott Olsen heading to the Indians for Victor Martinez and a few minor league prospects. V-Mart makes a lot though, so unless the Tribe is willing to pay half his salary then it remains a small chance the Marlins will take on a weak hitting catcher who has become a defensive liability in the past year. There is also a possibility that the Dodgers could be interested. Also if the Marlins fail to resign Cantu and opts to not go after Crede, Uggla could end up staying and see time at 3B. Gone? Too hard to say.

Mike Jacobs. Face it, he's a DH and more then likely he will be in the American League next year. Jacobs can not play defense and that is what kills him and the Marlins. The Indians choice of him and Uggla could decide where he will end up. The Mariners are another strong possibility if the Indians take Uggla instead of Jake. Gone? Most Likely.

Renyel Pinto. It doesn't seem like the Marlins want to trade him after he's been so successsful through 40 games last year and the year before. It's going beyond that he has a problem doing. He's clearly been overworked and that will be a main factor teams look at before pulling a deal for a trade. Does Pinto's arm have anything left in the tank? Probably not, but he should be a cheap risk for anyone desperately in need of strengthening their bullpen with a left handed relief pitcher that can give you tons of innings. That is if his arm is functional. Gone? Probably not.

Jeremy Hermida. Could be the first positional player dealt this offseason. Rumors from Marlins personel suggest Cody Ross will be given the permanent right field job while Maybin takes over center field. The Giants are in need of outfield depth and right now Hermida will easily emerge as their best and youngest outfielder at 23 years old. Gone? Most likely.

Arthur Rhodes. He was dominant and happy here in Florida. He hasn't made any indications to his plans, but with Pinto being dangled out there, Rhodes probably has found his retirement home in South Florida. Gone? Probably not.

Josh Willingham. He won't win arbitration with all his injuries and lack of production this season. Marlins won't have to worry about the price tag on Josh until next season. Gone? He's a keeper, unless traded.

Dallas McPherson. Tigers will be making a nice offer to him in the offseason. Dallas had success before in Anaheim, but couldn't keep himself together there long enough to beat out Chone Figgins. He is a free agent after setting a minor league record of 38 homers. He's out of the Marlins price range. Gone? Definitely.

Mike Rabelo. He ran himself to the minor leagues, and John Baker ran him out of a job. Rabelo will be elsewhere after this year. Gone? Definitely.

Scott Olsen. He is the likely man out of the Marlins rotation. Andrew Miller or Ryan Tucker will battle out for the 5th spot. Expect Olsen to be with the Indians next season. Another Candidate is also the Mariners. Gone? Most likely.

Posted on: May 12, 2008 11:32 pm
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Potential Stories The Media Will Hate

So I decided to compile what would be the top 5 potential stories every lazy self proclaimed 'genius' baseball commentator, writer, and sports talk show host will dread upon. Ahem, I am talking specifically North Easterner sports news media.

5. Clemens Goes Ape Mad

In a shocking turn of events, Clemens decides to snitch. Yes, that is right. The one thing the media won't enjoy is this tired old man deciding he is going to snitch on every player he knows of that used steroids. Clemens decides that if he's not going to the Hall of Fame, then it is time to take some guys out, innocent or not. Clemens goes on to name names of former team mates that juiced ... Wade Boggs, Jorge Posada, Ruben Sierra, Carl Pavano, Bernie Williams, Carlos Delgado, Vernon Wells, John Wetteland, Craig Biggio, Mariano Rivera. etc etc etc. Not saying these guys juiced, but it would certainly be a very sickening day for every former team mate that played with Roger in Boston, New York, Houston, and Toronto. And then even more sickening for the fans and media to have to cover the story. While it likely may not happen, anything is possible nowadays.

4. Boston Red Sox Goes out in the first round

What kind of nightmare would it be, should the Yankees not only fail to make the playoffs, but if the Red Sox get swept in round one by a team like the Cleveland Indians. With Josh Beckett it isn't likely the BoSox would get swept, but in October anything can happen.

3. Alex Rodriguez or The Florida Marlins

The most popular article at the beginning of the season was how much Alex Rodriguez was making, and that he was making more than a major league ball club, the Florida Marlins. What kind of bitterness could Yankee fans hold on to should the Rays or Marlins make it to the playoffs while the Yankees end up at home. Should either of these teams finish with a better season then the Yankees you have to sit there and ask yourself, would you rather pay Alex Rodriguez 24 million dollars a year while your team barely stays out of last place, or pay 17 million dollars for the entire Marlins team?

2. New York Mets and New York Yankees Don't Make the Playoffs

Yep pack your gear you lazy corporate New Yorkers, this means you won't be able to sit on your lazy behind from a lap top at home to cover teams that are playing outside your window. Pack the bags and get ready to take a flight to Chicago, Oakland, maybe Seattle, Tampa, Miami, Arizona, Anaheim, or whatever other dark horse team that clinches a playoff spot. This could be one of the most dreaded winters ever

1. All Florida World Series

The Tampa Bay Rays versus the Florida Marlins. While the Rays and Marlins have not really had much rivalry during interleague play, a huge rivalry in the making could potentially happen tihs year in October should both teams make it that far. What does that mean? Yes you guessed it, an all Florida World Series. It is only May right now, but it could happen. The Rays currently are in second place, while the Marlins are in first place with the best record in baseball coming in tonight.

But of course, we're only in May and this is way too premature. Still it could happen.

Posted on: April 10, 2008 12:24 am

Indians in 2008?

You better believe it. I believe the Cleveland Indians will be the 2008 American League representative. Originally I had in mind that they would face the Mets, but it is looking like the Mets with all their injuries and inconsistency probably won't win their division.

What makes me believe the indians will win it all? Pitching. 1 through 5 the Cleveland Indians have the best pitching rotation in the Majors. Most won't agree with me, but in time you will see what I see.

  1. Fausto Carmona
  2. C.C. Sabathia
  3. Jake Westbrook
  4. Paul Byrd
  5. Cliff Lee

Back in 2004 Westbrook posted a 14-9 record with a 3.38 ERA in 215 2/3 Innings. For the seasons following his breakout year he won 15 games each year, but then was plagued with injuries throughout the 2007 season. In the playoffs last year he emerged as the true heart and soul of the Indians rotation. He beat the BoSox in game 3, and in a gutsy effort with little run support he was marked as the losing pitcher after he handed the game to his bullpen that allowed 8 runs afterwards.

Now I'm not pinning this whole season on the success of Westbrook. Cliff Lee is a former 18 game winner from back in 2005 where he posted an 18-5 record with a 3.79 ERA in 202 innings. After 2005 Lee had a solid 2006 season, but then was plagued with injuries in 2007 just like Westbrook.

Paul Byrd is a very solid number 4 pitcher. He opens up the year as the 4th pitcher, but in time he will likely be lowered to the number 5 spot if Lee returns to his former self.

If it wasn't for Carmona's dominance in 2007, the Indians would not have made the playoffs. Sabathia may have won the Cy Young award, but he wouldn't have done it without the extra playoff exposure. Carmona finished last year with a 19-8 record with a 3.06 ERA in 215 innings with 137 strikeouts. Sabathia went 19-7 with a 3.21 ERA in 241 innings with 209 strikeouts.


If this pitching rotation can stay healthy and put it all together for career years, then you will have the most lethal rotation in all of baseball. So far Westbrook, Carmona, and Lee have looked impressive in their first couple of starts. Sabathia and Byrd hasn't done so hot, but surely will improve as the season moves along.

We all know defense and pitching wins championships. The Indians was in 11th in the majors and 6th in the American League in fielding percentage in 2007. This lands them slightly above average compared to most teams in MLB.

I will stand by my prediction that the Tribe will have the best pitching and solid defense that leads them to a championship this season.



  • Jake Westbrook will be the Cy Young award winner.
  • The Cleveland Indians win the AL and World Series.
  • Cliff Lee, Jake Westbrook and Fausto Carmon will be among the candidates in Cy Young voting.
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