Posted on: December 16, 2009 9:22 pm

Baseball Does Not Need A Salary Cap

To Hell with a salary cap. I think we should realign divisions based on team payrolls.

AL Division 1:
N.Y. Yankees
Boston Red Sox
Detroit Tigers
Los Angeles Angels

AL Division 2:
Seattle Mariners
Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians
Toronto Blue Jays
Kansas City Royals

AL Division 3:
Texas Rangers
Baltimore Orioles
Minnesota Twins
Tampa Bay Rays
Oakland Athletics

NL Division 1:
N.Y. Mets
Chicago Cubs
Philadelphia Phillies
Houston Astros
LosAngeles Dodgers

NL Division 2:
Atlanta Braves
St. Louis Cardinals
Sa Francisco Giants
Milwakee Brewers
Colorado Rockies
Arizona Diamondbacks

NL Division 3:
Cincinatti Reds
Washington Nationals
Pittsburg Pirates
San Diego Padres
Florida Marlins

The divisions could then be realigned every season. It gives every team a shot at making the playoffs and drawing fans com October. And we all know when October comes around if a couple pitchers or hitters get real hot anybody could win this thing.
Posted on: December 6, 2009 12:56 pm

Chone Figgins vs Emil Bonifacio


Which would you rather have? Emilio Bonifacio or Chone Figgins.

Both guys are second basemen turned into third basemen, very little power, has speed but has way too many lapses trying to steal bases, and both have subpar defense which if not for their speed would be utility bench players.

A look at the stats.

Chone Figgins (158 GAMES) 4YR/$36 MILL ($9 MILL PER SEASON)
615AB 5HR 54RBI 114R 42SB 17CS .298BA
14 ERRORS. .968 FIELD %

Emilio Bonifacio (127 GAMES) $460K
OFFENSE: 461AB 1HR 27RBI 72R 21SB 9CS .252BA

Me personally, I would love chone figgins OBP and SLG, but for $9 mill? Bleh you can have it. Dude gets thrown out way too much and is not much different then Emilio.

I thought the Rangers and Yankees overpaid people, but hey the Rangers gave it to A-Rod (worth it) and the Yankees won a championship. The Mariners? Another last place battle with Oakland next season.
Posted on: November 11, 2008 1:56 am
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Pitcher Trades

So Scott Olson has been traded, along with Josh Willingham to the Nationals for a couple prospects. The deal hasn't been finalized, and there could be a third throw in from the Nats.

Did the Marlins give too much? Yes and no. I think if Willingham was kept they could have waited to see if he had a big season then deal him, but what if that never comes? Josh has been injured so much in the past year with back problems you have to believe that his days as a catcher has truly hurt his physical health. He's a great hitter when healthy, but he has had problems staying healthy. So what do you do? Deal as fast as possible.

Now with Olson you have to look at his 4.20 ERA. Outside of Florida you have to expect it will climb up about 50 points. The weather and park benefits pitchers down here. Olson can very well be the next D-Train wreck. Not many pitchers have left Florida and have had success elsewhere. It's like a curse. Livan Hernandez, Josh Beckett, Al Leiter, and Kevin Brown (with the help of steroids) have had success outside of Florida. A.J. Burnett has had a season and one-half of success, but still many teams put question marks on him because of his injury-risk. Olson is certainly a better pitcher then Mark Hendrickson and should have some success, but with his attitude you never know. He is another one of those players you want to get rid of as soon as possible while he still has value and is NOT in jail.

Posted on: November 3, 2008 11:59 pm
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Marlins Pick Up Meyer from Athletics

Yesterday the Marlins claimed LHP Dan Meyer from the Oakland Athletics. Meyer is a former 1st round draft pick by the Braves, and a top prospect traded for Tim Hudson.

The deal brings in another lefty as a possible replacement in the rotation. Arthur Rhodes ia  free agent, and the Marlins may be looking to deal Scott Olsen and/or Renyel Pinto. Olsen is expected to get a significant raise from arbitration this offseason.

Posted on: October 30, 2008 3:29 pm
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Marlins-Royals Trade

Okay so CBS is acting up and posting a bunch of n/a all over the place. I'm not sure why that happens.


Anyways. Here is my analysis of the Jacobs-Nunez deal between the Florida Marlins and Kansas City Royals.

1B Mike Jacobs. He was obviously going to be dealt off to someone in the American League. The Indians and Yankees need a 1B, but neither team made a serious effort or was contacted. The Marlins lost on this deal. If they had been patient they could have found someone more in need of a first basemen. Mark Teixeira is a free agent so the Angels become another team in need of a first basemen. Then there is the Diamondbacks who also have Adam Dunn, another free agent. By acquiring a reliever, this pretty much has ex-closer Kevin Gregg with a foot already out the door.

Teams in need of a first basemen: Angels, Royals, Indians, Yankees, Mariners, Diamondbacks, and Braves. Others could join this list later on.

RHP Leo Nunez. It is hard to find good bullpen help, but the Royals decided they needed a bat and they got a bargain one. With Jacobs they can put him at DH and then pursue someone like Dunn or Teixeira in free agency to add as protection. Right now as it stands you got a few guys with good pop with Guillen, Jacobs, Gordon, Teahan, and Buck. Adding another bat is not essential but would be nice. Acquiring a pitcher like Sheets or Sabathia should be the goal this offseason.


My Fantasy Analysis:

Mike Jacobs value increases greatly. He hit 30 home runs while constantly being replaced midway through games for better defensive players. In the AL, Jacobs can see a lot of time at DH, so expect his home run total to be about the same, maybe more, but a large increase in run production. The one thing I liked about Jacobs is that he's a hacker that is going to swing and he has one of the nicest swings out there. He strikes out too much, but his stats will be better in the AL. Consider Jacobs one of the top 8 most valuable fantasy first basemen next year.

Leo Nunez can potentially be the Marlins closer next year if he can beat out Ryan Tucker or Matt Lindstrom. Right now the job belongs to Lindstrom, but that can change by the end of spring training. Monitor Nunez's situation in spring training next year to see if he contends for the closer role.

Posted on: September 29, 2008 10:09 am

Marlins Rumor Mill

So this offseason the Marlins will be looking to tool up and improve where they have been weak at. It's a shame that Dan Uggla was included in the trade discussions because he is arbitration eligible and may see a pay increase to about 5-6 million. Uggla is the true MVP of this Marlins lineup and without him, we can expect a major change in win-loss record going into next season.

The Marlins will be seeking to improve defense and address issues with the pitching. Here's a list of changes that possibly could come.

Kevin Gregg. Lost his closer role to Matt Lindstrom after leading the National League in blown saves with 9, with 6 of them coming in the months of August-September when the Marlins needed him to step up most. Gregg realistically is a middle reliver, and at best a setup man. If the Mets can not land Francisco Rodriguez in free agency this offseason, more then likely Gregg will be a Met next year. Other teams that could be interested include the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals. With the Tigers Gregg will take over the closer role, but with the Cards he will have to settle for a MR or SU role. For now expect Gregg to be on his way to the Mets. The likely pick up in the offseason is former Marlin Luis Castillo with the Mets paying off most of his remaining contract just to get him out of N.Y. Gone? Definitely.

Mark Hendrickson. He's a free agent and most likely will not be brought back after his worse career in the majors so far. Don't expect to see Mark in the majors too long after getting ripped apart in one of the best pitchers parks in the majors. Gone? Definitely.

Luis Gonzalez. He said the Marlins will have first crack at him, but hinted that he will not just come back for a 19th season for the sake of it. Basically Luis Gonzalez will be looking to play for a serious contender, otherwise he will retire. Chances are he will retire if he is not happy with the Marlins offseason moves or go elsewhere to a contender to fill an outfield void. Gone? Most Likely.

Jorge Cantu. Can the Marlins outbid the White Sox? Joe Crede most likely is done in Chicago and the White Sox could throw a price tag of 7-8 Mill at Cantu. Gone? Definitely.

Dan Uggla. Uggla getting dealt will have a lot to do with if the Marlins can acquire Luis Castillo from the Mets and if the Mets are going to pay a load of his salary. The likely trade to happen will be  a package of Dan Uggla and Scott Olsen heading to the Indians for Victor Martinez and a few minor league prospects. V-Mart makes a lot though, so unless the Tribe is willing to pay half his salary then it remains a small chance the Marlins will take on a weak hitting catcher who has become a defensive liability in the past year. There is also a possibility that the Dodgers could be interested. Also if the Marlins fail to resign Cantu and opts to not go after Crede, Uggla could end up staying and see time at 3B. Gone? Too hard to say.

Mike Jacobs. Face it, he's a DH and more then likely he will be in the American League next year. Jacobs can not play defense and that is what kills him and the Marlins. The Indians choice of him and Uggla could decide where he will end up. The Mariners are another strong possibility if the Indians take Uggla instead of Jake. Gone? Most Likely.

Renyel Pinto. It doesn't seem like the Marlins want to trade him after he's been so successsful through 40 games last year and the year before. It's going beyond that he has a problem doing. He's clearly been overworked and that will be a main factor teams look at before pulling a deal for a trade. Does Pinto's arm have anything left in the tank? Probably not, but he should be a cheap risk for anyone desperately in need of strengthening their bullpen with a left handed relief pitcher that can give you tons of innings. That is if his arm is functional. Gone? Probably not.

Jeremy Hermida. Could be the first positional player dealt this offseason. Rumors from Marlins personel suggest Cody Ross will be given the permanent right field job while Maybin takes over center field. The Giants are in need of outfield depth and right now Hermida will easily emerge as their best and youngest outfielder at 23 years old. Gone? Most likely.

Arthur Rhodes. He was dominant and happy here in Florida. He hasn't made any indications to his plans, but with Pinto being dangled out there, Rhodes probably has found his retirement home in South Florida. Gone? Probably not.

Josh Willingham. He won't win arbitration with all his injuries and lack of production this season. Marlins won't have to worry about the price tag on Josh until next season. Gone? He's a keeper, unless traded.

Dallas McPherson. Tigers will be making a nice offer to him in the offseason. Dallas had success before in Anaheim, but couldn't keep himself together there long enough to beat out Chone Figgins. He is a free agent after setting a minor league record of 38 homers. He's out of the Marlins price range. Gone? Definitely.

Mike Rabelo. He ran himself to the minor leagues, and John Baker ran him out of a job. Rabelo will be elsewhere after this year. Gone? Definitely.

Scott Olsen. He is the likely man out of the Marlins rotation. Andrew Miller or Ryan Tucker will battle out for the 5th spot. Expect Olsen to be with the Indians next season. Another Candidate is also the Mariners. Gone? Most likely.

Posted on: June 26, 2008 7:29 pm

Difference Maker

Interleague play right now has been the difference maker right now for the NL East. The Marlins have been swept by the Rays and Royals, and lost 2 of 3 to the A's. If not for slumping during ILplay the Marlins would have retained a first place lead by about 4 games.

The Phillies haven't had any luck either, but have fared a little better. Their situatoin is different in that their pitching has been solid, but the hitting got shut down. Marlins hitting has remained solid for the most part, but our pitching went to crap. I have to concede that the AL is the better league right now.

With the Marlins I am now promoting the firing of Fredi Gonzalez. He is worse then Joe Girardi. Both of these guys got good teams that make them look good. This Marlins team should have a much better record if Gonzalez handled the pitching better. Some guys are pitching awesome, but then Fredi pulls them on 90 something pitches. Let them go an extra inning. Then some pitchers, like Mark Hendrickson, are left in to get demolished.

This year Hendrickson has been a joke. What is taking so long for him to get released. We had a short hook on Badenhop, Vandenhurk, and Tankersley, but not Hendrickson. He's been pitching batting practice all year. Are they waiting for Josh Johnson? How about we invest time in any other pitcher. Bring up Gaby Hernandez, or move Logan Kensing into the rotation to share spot starts with Badenhop. Now Badenhop is injured. Vandenhurk was left in the minors since April. Eugolio De La Cruz is a better option right now then Hendrickson.

I sure hope all this waiting for Josh Johnson, Sergio Mitre, or Anibel Sanchez is worth it. Late in September they could falla few games out and when we look back at the season, we will remember how long we held on to Hendrickson and all the games we should have won, but didn't.

Posted on: June 17, 2008 8:57 pm

Marlins pitching situation

I just noticed the Marlins have only 3 bench guys. That is the absolute minimum for the number of bench guys allowed in MLB. So far it has become clear only 3 guys in the current rotation is going to stick around. Ricky Nolasco, Andrew Miller, and Scott Olsen are the most consistent starters we have, and all 3 have been solid in the past month.

Mark Hendrickson, Burk Badenhop, and Ryan Tucker seem to be the likely men out. Josh Johnson, Anibel Sanchez, and Sergio Mitre could be around anytime starting aroud the All-Star break. Josh Johnson is the main guy that should give this team a major boost. Just a few seasons ago when he was healthy he won around 11 games. Anibel Sanchez came up with his stellar no-hitter and was serviceable for a while, though he lacks experience. I can see Mitre going to the bullpen.

Lee Gardner and Henry Owens won't be back this year it appears so a few guys in the Marlins pen are safe for now, but there is young elite pitching prospect Gaby Hernandez that could be up later this year. We have seen Ryan Tucker get called up after Tankersley got shipped down. Gaby Hernandez will be an interesting call up. He's a former met, Miami-Dade resident and UM-Hurricane star pitcher. He would fit perfectly in our rotation.

Right now the Marlins have the most options as far as pitching prospects. It is just a matter of who is ready to step up and lead this team. People say they are too young and inexperienced, but hey so was Josh Beckett and Dontrelle Willis in 2003. Neither of those pitchers ever pitched a complete season up to that point. Pavano was a trainwreck up to that year and Mark Redman had no experience in the NL, and only a few years in the majors prior, same with Brad Penny. Experience in the league is meaningless. That Marlins pitching staff was very young. Looper and Urbina was the only guys with 5+ years experience while the rest was late callups with just a couple year service time.

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