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Baseball Does Not Need A Salary Cap

To Hell with a salary cap. I think we should realign divisions based on team payrolls.

AL Division 1:
N.Y. Yankees
Boston Red Sox
Detroit Tigers
Los Angeles Angels

AL Division 2:
Seattle Mariners
Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians
Toronto Blue Jays
Kansas City Royals

AL Division 3:
Texas Rangers
Baltimore Orioles
Minnesota Twins
Tampa Bay Rays
Oakland Athletics

NL Division 1:
N.Y. Mets
Chicago Cubs
Philadelphia Phillies
Houston Astros
LosAngeles Dodgers

NL Division 2:
Atlanta Braves
St. Louis Cardinals
Sa Francisco Giants
Milwakee Brewers
Colorado Rockies
Arizona Diamondbacks

NL Division 3:
Cincinatti Reds
Washington Nationals
Pittsburg Pirates
San Diego Padres
Florida Marlins

The divisions could then be realigned every season. It gives every team a shot at making the playoffs and drawing fans com October. And we all know when October comes around if a couple pitchers or hitters get real hot anybody could win this thing.
Posted on: October 13, 2009 8:49 pm

MLB Second Round Predictions

The first round to me was not so hard to predict in my last blog . Teams like the Twins, Rockies, and Cardinals were fortunate to have unbalanced and favorable schedules, and play in weak divisions. The Red Sox have no passion, no team chemistry, and just are not that good without Manny Ramirez in that lineup.

So anyways, moving on to the next round.

Yankees vs. Angels   ANGELS IN 6.

Phillies vs. Dodgers   DODGERS IN 7

I would like to see the Phillies win the whole thing to represent that NL East division, but somehting tells me that backend of the bullpen is going to exproad. No not explode, EXPROAD!

And yes I'm seeing this Angels team going to the World Series like it is 2002 all over again.

My prediction is an all L.A. Series, Dodgers vs Angels.

Good Luck Fellas.
Posted on: October 4, 2009 7:16 pm

End of Season Smack Talk

Early Season Predictions

So how about those Mets! Am I a genius for my early season predictions on the NL East or did I come upon dumb luck?

NL EAST: 5/5


NL WEST: 1/5

AL EAST: 0/5


AL WEST: 2/4

TOTAL: 12/30. 40% Correct

Season Awards

My picks on who should win what.

AL Cy Young

Winner : Justin Verlander

2nd place: Zack Greinke

3rd pace: Felix Hernandez


NL Cy Young

Winner : Tim Lincecum

2nd place:  Adam Wainwright

3rd pace: Matt Cain


Winner : Joe Mauer

2nd place: Ian Kinsler

3rd pace: Miguel Cabrera


Winner : Ryan Howard

2nd place: Albert Pujols

3rd pace: Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez (TIE)

AL Rookie of the Year

Winner : Elvis Andrus

2nd place: Gordon Beckham

3rd pace: Rick Porcello

NL Rookie of the Year

Winner : Chris Coghlan

2nd place: Tommy Hanson

3rd pace: Dexter Fowler and Colby Rasmus (TIE)

Playoff Predictions. UH OHHHHHHHH

1st Round

American League

(PENDING ) Yankees vs Tigers. YANKEES IN 5

(PENDING ) Yankees vs Twins. YANKEES IN 4

Red Sox vs Angels. ANGELS in 4

National League

Phillies vs Rockies. PHILLIES in 3

Cardinals vs Dodgers. DODGERS in 4

Posted on: October 22, 2008 8:31 am

World Series Predictions: Quite the Bash Fest

So the Rays Bullpen has struggled quite a bit lately, but the offense absolutely tore up the Red Sox pitching staff. They likely will do the same to the Phillies pitching, but they will have one problem, the Phillies lineup can do the same right back to their pitchers as well.

This is a series where a lot of runs is likely to be scored in Philly and Tampa. Expect a lot of home runs and quite a few high scoring games. The favorite is clearly the Rays, making a run at their first WS title. The Phillies are the underdogs, but they're definitely the most fearsome underdog of this decade with the second best offense in the National League. They are definitely no pushovers.

This series will come down to execution and manager moves. No matter how you look at it, these are the best overall squads top to bottom from both leagues and should go deep into the series.

My prediction is the Rays win in 6.

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Posted on: October 15, 2008 11:52 pm

Phillies World Series Bound

The Phillies ruined my prediction of the Dodgers facing the Rays. Oh well. Tomorrow the Rays will be looking to close out the Series against the Red Sox to move on to the World Series. The Phillies haven't gotten that much respect all season. So why are they here? It is simple. This team has been tested all season long. The Cubs? Cursed or not, they beat the daylights out of the NL West and barely broke sweat against the Central. The Dodgers? Slumped all season, brought in guys from competitive divisions and walked to the finish line before being dismantled.

The simple answer to why the Phillies are here. In the World Series, because they have been battle tested and have one of the best offenses and closers in the game. As well as having probably the best manager in the National League.

Outside of enjoying the Marlins win championships in 1997 and 2003, there was 2 other World Series I greatly enjoyed. The 1995 Cleveland Indians vs the Atlanta Braves and the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays vs Philadelphia Phillies. If the Rays finish off the Red Sox tomorrow night, we will have an unlikely matchup that most can bark and boo and yell at. Sports fans can rejoice at finally having a championship series that is not in N.Y., California, Chicago, Detroit, or Miami.

This year should be one that will be remembered by those who watched and enjoyed it, but lost in time by dynasties and the poor structure of baseball. The Rays can very well go on to win it all, but the question that will remain is 3 or 4 years down the road, will they be able to retain the nucleus of their ballclub? Only time will tell, but right now the time is to enjoy these moments in time. Good Luck Phillies.

And Good Luck Rays.

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Posted on: October 7, 2008 12:19 am

Division Series Predictions: We're going coast to

So all 4 opening round series ended as soon as they got underway. All 4 teams I picked to win did. The Dodgers won in suprising fashion, sweeping the Cubs. And here I thought fate would take the Cubbies to 5 games and then an error by gold glover Derrek Lee would seal the deal for a loss. Nope, no game 5, but plenty, PLENTY of errors, especially a rare one by Derrek Lee.

Congrats to the teams that won, and the teams that made it but got sent home early.

Now for the bigger business. My picks to rep their leagues in the World Series.

Rays vs Red Sox

Rays in 6. Okay so I'm a Florida native and you have to expect some bias from me. This will be a really tough series for both teams. The Rays will need to jump out on top quick if they want to win. Both teams are evenly matched top to bottom. Red Sox and Rays are coming off of easy-win series and will now face the ultimate test. The winner of these two teams will be the strong favorites by many to go on and win the world series. Pitching and late-inning clutch hits will determine the winner of this series. Both bullpens will need to bear down and be ready for anything. This series could easily go either way and go 7 games. Brace yourself for one of the best series in a long time.

Dodgers vs Phillies

Dodgers in 6. Dodgers are red hot and hungry for this. Manny is licking his bat, porkchops, and is probably prank calling Boston to let them know he's coming for them and he's bringing Joe Torre for the ride. The Dodgers won't have problems facing lefty pitchers like the Brewers did. Both of these teams are well rested and well tested. The advantage goes to the Dodgers for their pitching. Great bullpen and a stronger starting rotation. I was thinking this series could end in 5, but I gotta have faith that Hamels and Moyer will pull out victories in their starts. After that it becomes a mystery of how many times will their hitters strikeout and which pitcher is due to get ripped.



Posted on: October 1, 2008 8:54 am

Playoff Predictions: Dodgers Will Shock the Cubs

Red Sox vs. Angels

Red Sox in 4. While the Angels pitching was impressive this season, keep in mind, they aren't dominant. The Red Sox can still score pretty well with Bay, Drew, Ellsbury, Lowell, Varitek, Youkilis and Ortiz. The pitching rotations are nearly evenly matched with the Red Sox starters having a slight edge and the Angels bullpen holding a slight edge. Both lineups are evenly matched, but I'm going with the defending champs on this one. Beckett hasn't been very healthy lately and has struggled, he's due just in time for October.

White Sox vs. Rays

Rays in 4. The Rays dominant rotation will be the impressive figure and keys to their success in this series and the rest of the playoffs. Their hitting can catch fire, but their guys have been beat up with injuries. The White Sox can slug the ball well and should steal a game, maybe two.

Brewers vs. Phillies

Phillies in 4. The Brewers will have to face two lefties, Moyer and Hamels in two of the first three games. C.C. Sabathia should be able to beat out Brett Myers in their matchup as long as he doesn't choke like last year. The Phillies offense is too much to handle, and the Brewers don't have a superb pitcher that can shut down a lineup loaded with some of the best hitters in the NL.

Dodgers vs. Cubs

Dodgers in 5. The Dodgers come into this series with the best bullpen in baseball. Joe Torre has tons of veterans with playoff experience with the likes of Jeff Kent, Manny Ramirez, Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones, Derek Lowe, Nomar Garciaparra and Casey Blake. The possibility of the Dodgers winning this series shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. They are a severely uner-rated underdog with a lot of talent. The Cubs may have the best lineup 1-8, but Pineilla has been known to leave some guys in the pen a little too long even in the playoffs. This should be an interesting series. Dodgers haven't won a series since 1988 and the Cubs haven't won a world series in over a hundred years.

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Facts and Stats

Throwing some facts and stats out there.

Statistics are up to date as of June 09, 2008.

Chicago Cubs


  • Leads NL ERA: 3.67
  • Leads NL Runs Scored: 352
  • 5th in NL homeruns: 70
  • Leads NL in RBI: 333
  • 3rd in NL Slugging %: .445
  • Leads NL Batting Average: .282


  • 10-11 vs. teams with .500+ win %.
  • Losing road record at 14-16.
  • 12th in NL Errors: 42.
  • 8-1 vs. Pirates. 32-23 vs. everyone else
  • 18-5 record against abysmal NL West. 8 of the 11 teams from the NL Central and East have winning records against the NL West. 22-19 vs. everyone else.
  • 2 NL teams with .500+ win %, Have not played: Marlins, Braves.




St. Louis Cardinals


  • 4th fewest NL errors: 35
  • 14-11 vs. teams with .500+ win %.
  • Winning record on the road, at home, vs. each division, in inter-league play, and vs. winning teams.
  • 6th in NL ERA: 3.93
  • 6th in NL RBI: 289
  • 3rd in NL batting average: .273
  • 3rd fewest stolen bases allowed: 26





Philadelphia Phillies


  • 17-11 vs. teams with .500+ win %. Has played every winning team except Cardinals.
  • Winning record on the road, at home, vs. each division, and vs. winning teams.
  • 5th in NL ERA: 3.84
  • 2n in NL homeruns: 93
  • 2nd in NL RBI: 331
  • 2nd in NL Slugging %: .454


  • Losing record during inter-league play.
  • 4th most stolen bases allowed: 48.




Florida Marlins


  • 14-10 vs. teams with .500+ win %
  • Winning record on the road, at home, vs. each division, and vs. winning teams.
  • Tied with Giants and Nationals for most shutouts (5).
  • Leads NL Home runs: 95.
  • 3rd in NL RBI: 299
  • Leads NL in Slugging %: .457


  • Losing record during inter-league play.
  • Leads NL in errors: 56,and tied with Rangers for major league lead.
  • 14th in NL ERA: 4.62, and 15th in NL Walks: 259.
  • Batter strike out too much for league lead: 532.
  • 2 NL Teams at .500+ win % they have not played: Cardinals, Cubs.




Arizona Diamondbacks


  • 3rd in NL ERA: 3.72
  • 4th in NL homeruns: 71
  • 5th in NL RBI: 291
  • 4th in NL slugging %: .427


  • Batters are 3rd in strikeouts : 488
  • 2nd most NL hits allowed: 532
  • 3rd most NL Errors: 46
  • 3rd lowest NL batting average: .250
  • Losing record of 6-14 against teams with .500+ win %
  • Losing road record of 13-18
  • Losing record against NL East: 7-10
  • Losing record against NL Central: 5-11



 Up to this point, the Phillies appear to be the most sound team. They are the only one to play all teams that are at or above a .500 winning percentage. They have winning records in all areas, except inter-league play, and don't have any major faulty stats that can indicate weaknesses other then stolen bases allowed. The Phillies could use one more starter in their rotation and they will be set.



 Marlins potential for success lies in 3 areas. First, they need to field the ball. Jorge Cantu has 11 home runs, but 14 errors. Dallas McPherson is near ready to be brought up to take over 3B. With Willingham nearly healthy the Marlins can do away with Cantu. Second, comes the closer situation. Kevin Gregg is comparable to Braden Looper, he can close about 20 games per season, but will need extra help during a playoff run. Third comes down to starting rotation. Do the Marlins go out there and pick up an extra starter and dump Mark Hendrickson, or wait to see how Sergio Mitre and Anibel Sanchez perform when they return at the All-Star break, or Josh Johnson in late-August. Best bet is to trade for a veteran starter. Deal off 2 of the 3 between Mark Hendrickson, Justin Miller and Logan Kensing while they still have value. Maddux and Sabathia could possibly be available, but the Marlins won't unload for Sabathia for what he demands and the lack of playoff punch he delivers. Maddux would be an excellent pickup to provide leadership to a very young rotation.



 Cardinals at this point are unproven. There is 4 teams at .500 or above they have not yet faced, and they have not faced 4 of the 5 NL East teams. The Cardinals currently though is the only team to have a winning record in all areas: road, home, vs. each division, against the winning teams they have faced, vs. losing teams, and during inter-league play. They appear to be fairly balanced, but among all winning teams they have yet to face 4 other winning teams and 4 of the beastly hitting NL East teams.



 The Diamondbacks has all the pitching needed to win, and then some more in the minors with Yusmeiro Petit. D'Backs can hit the long ball, but have way too many weaknesses. D'Backs pitchers allow too many hits and get too few themselves. Run support is seriously lacking. Against beastly hitting teams they are 1-8 versus the Phillies, Marlins, and Cubs. D'Backs match up well with the Marlins due to the Marlins stadium being a pitchers park, but the Phillies and Cubs play in the most hitter friendly parks in the NL. Best thing to do now is to trade elite prospect Yusmeiro Petit and a few others and pull in a bat. A deal with the Marlins would be a good fit, they need pitching and the D'Backs need hitting.



 Cubs at this point look great in every offensive category, but their record against the NL West and Pittsburg Pirates stand out too much. As noted already, 8 of the 11 teams from the NL Central and East have winning records against the West, and the Pirates have been pounded on by just about every team with a winning record. Cubs have a 10-11 losing record against winning teams, that along with a 3-game sweep of the D'Backs. I'm a bit skeptical about how good this team really is. Dempster is having a career year and Geovany Soto will most likely win rookie of the year. Ramirez, De.Lee, and Soriano is healthy so there is no fluke in their hitting. Short stop Ryan Theriot has been the biggest surprise so far this season. Can he keep it up? Fukudome is starting to look like the next Hee Soip Choi, after having a monstrous first 3 weeks he has struggled. Cubs current weaknesses lie in that they only have Zambrano and Dempster. Wood is always an injury waiting to happen. This team needs to pick up 2 more starters and an insurance closer. The Cubs will continue to have the easiest schedule of the season and will have only one tough stretch against winning teams starting July 21 to July 31st as they face the Brewers, Marlins, and Diamondbacks.

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