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Posted on: February 18, 2011 9:04 pm

Re: Miguel Cabrera

There is one thing I find unacceptable regarding Miguel Cabrera's current problems and that is the fact that he is driving while intoxicated. He is a rich man who can afford a taxi. He is a rich man who can afford a limousine. He is a rich man who could call me up and pay me $50 to drive his drunk #$% home.

He was charged with 2 misdemeanors, DUI-Misdemeanor and Resisting an Officer w/o violence. It is quite clear he is one of many people around this nation that act like a complete inconsiderate retard while drunk. But does he have a serious personal problem? Perhaps. Keep in mind he is not from this country, and his culture is a lot different from ours .

Should he go to jail for 364 days? Heck no.

Should he be rahibiltated and educated on the seriousness of driving drunk? Certainly yes.

Is he a dirtbag for doing what he does while drunk? The hell if I know. I don't know the dude personally and probably neither do any of you. So why should we judge him or his reasons for drinking?

Should Miguel miss an entire season for this incident? Joba Chamberlain didn't so neither should Cabrera. Scott Olsen didn't either, neither did Daryl Strawberry, Gary Sheffield, or Tony Larussa and they did much worse than Miguel.

Miguel needs to be educated on how to drink properly, because a lot of us do it responsibly. To say he has a drinking problem is absurd. How do you measure "a drinking problem"?
Posted on: November 3, 2008 11:59 pm
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Marlins Pick Up Meyer from Athletics

Yesterday the Marlins claimed LHP Dan Meyer from the Oakland Athletics. Meyer is a former 1st round draft pick by the Braves, and a top prospect traded for Tim Hudson.

The deal brings in another lefty as a possible replacement in the rotation. Arthur Rhodes ia  free agent, and the Marlins may be looking to deal Scott Olsen and/or Renyel Pinto. Olsen is expected to get a significant raise from arbitration this offseason.

Posted on: October 1, 2008 3:21 pm
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Rumors and Moves

According to the N.Y. Daily News, a source strongly suggests that Luis Castillo will be dealt off this season with the Mets having to pay off the majority of his contract. Castillo will likely be dealt for bullpen help. Daniel Murphy will be playing 2B in the Arizona Fall league and is expected to be the everyday second basemen in 2009.

The likely candidate to be picking up Luis Castillo is his former team, the Florida Marlins who is aimed at tooling up on defensive-minded speedy players. A trade involving Kevin Gregg to the Mets for Luis Castillo could be expected during the General Manager meetings. Marlins current second basemen is likely to be dealt in the offseason as well, either to the Mariners, Dodgers, Indians, or possibly the Brewers.

The future of pitcher Scott Olsen does not appear to be good as well. Olsen could be packaged along with Uggla or Gregg. The teams likely to be interested include the Milwakee Brewers, Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners, and Cleveland Indians.

Marlins Pitcher Sergio Mitre was released, shedding 1.2 million dollars off the Marlins payroll. Mitre is a former elite pitching Cubs prospect that finally tasted success in 2007 before going down with elbow problems and having two operations. Marlins have already made it clear that LHP Mark Hendrickson will also not return, shedding another 1.5 million off their payroll. So far in the past week, Marlins have cut nearly 3 million in salary.

Pirates free agent short stop is not likely to be tenured a contract by the Pirates and at this point has very little value and doesn't expect to be a starter next season. Wilson is a former silver slugger and all star, who led the NL in 2004 in assists, double plays, and fielding percentage. Marlins may look at signing him to a minor league contract and a invite to spring training next season.

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