Posted on: December 5, 2010 9:02 pm
Edited on: December 5, 2010 9:03 pm

Get Your Money's 'Werth' For Pete Sake!

Fantasy Analysis
The website suggests that Jayson Werth is a top 5 round pick. In this coming year I have to disagree. This year Werth will take on the role that Chone Figgins held last year. He will make himself into the most overpaid player in baseball next to Ch-ch-ch-choke Figgins and of course Rockies first basemen Todd Helton.

Why you ask?

1. Philadelphia is a hitters park. Washington's park is more balanced. The dimensions are similar, however, Washington's park is bigger in terms of dimension and wall.There should be a significant drop his power numbers and not just for this reason.
2. The other reason why Werth will have a lower batting average and drop off in rbi, runs, and power? He will have to face Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Roy Oswalt more. Then throw in the slew of talented arms the Marlins and Braves bring to the table. If the Mets land Zack Greinke, the situation gets tougher for Werth.
3. Werth's protection is Ryan Zimmerman. Zimmerman is not feared by any pitcher and shouldn't be. He is a good hitter, but he is not going to protect anybody in the lineup. He is coming off a season he probably wouldn't have had if not for Adam Dunn protecting him. Werth is no Adam Dunn when it comes to striking fear in pitchers.

I know someone will say oh no you're wrong, blah blah blah. They said I was wrong on Chone Figgins and J.J. Putz too. They said I was wrong about Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter being unchallenged to the point where they would be first round knockouts too. Right?

We shall see!

As for the deal?

It is bogus. $18 million per year for 7 years? What the hell were they thinking? Look Ryan Zimmerman plays a tougher position and produces more than Werth in every category except stolen bases and he is not making that salary. Zimmerman is also 5 years younger and more proven.

This is clearly all about the money. To go from the best team in the National League for the past 3 years to a division rival who has been in last place 5 straight years and one of the worse teams in the past decade.  Werth is 31 going on 32. He is nearing the end of his prime within the next 2-3 years. He has been a full time player for only 3 seasons now. There have been guys who have sat and waited for 5-6 years to finally get their big payday and thanks to the los Nationals empire who has been greatly influenced by Omar Minaya, they have become the second coming of the New York Mets, because not even the Yankees are ignorant enough to overpay for Werth. They won't even do it for el capitan Derek Jeter!

This is bad for Washington and bad for Baseball. The Nationals should have stayed in Montreal.

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