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American League's Most Overpaid

Instead of waiting a few days for my follow up to the National League's most overpaid players, I decided to go ahead and pull together my list of most overpaid American League ballplayers. Remember this is stemmed from that bullcrap article I read earlier about Manny Ramirez being overpaid. Check the other blog for a link to the article.

New York Yankees, 1B/DH Jason Giambi, 23.4 Mill. (true value: 3-5 Mill.)
Okay so who are you paying 23 million to, Jason or the person that claims to have injected him with steroids (Mr. Canseco). If last year is the real Giambi, then the Yankees got a raw deal. Ever since 2004 when Giambi got sick in Japan or Tokyo or wherever it was they played, he has not been the same player since. He plays fewer games and by now from the noticeable shrinkage, it appears Giambi is what he is, a below average player that you wonder if he would have made it to major leagues if he was anything good at all, in fact this run-on sentence best suits him.

New York Yankees, OF Bobby Abreu, 15 Mill. (true value: 4-7 Mill.)
I always said the Yankees should have gone after Jason Bay instead of Abreu. Abreu was old when they acquired him and now it is quite obvious he is finished. You guys are fielding a washed up, overpaid player that has seen his stats drop from 2004 in home runs, hits, and stolen bases. Yes he is still a good player, but any minute now the value of what he is getting paid is about to go from "what the" to "what the -expletive- hell".

Toronto Blue Jays, SP A.J. Brunett, 13.2 Mill. (true value: 7-9 Mill.)
Burnett has always remained solid, but never good enough for a big contract. Since his injury, Brunett's mouth has accumulated more mileage than his fast ball and landed him as an outcast, ridden from the United States having to listen to him bark about unfairness. What is unfair is the contract he is getting. He is the number 2 pitcher, but he still pitches like a number 3 guy. Until he steps it up to the caliber of his team mate Roy Halladay, the Blue Jays won't see the playoffs anytime soon.

New York Yankees, OF Johhny Damon, 13 Mill. (2-5 Mill.)
Now even you Yankee fans were upset that Johhny wasn't on the Mitchell report. What I don't understand is why would you want another one of your players on it. Sure he played in Boston, but he's on the Yankees team now and what is worse is you guys gave him a ridiculous contract to help you guys lose. At Johhny's current age, there is no turning back.

Toronto Blue Jays, 3B Scott Rolen, 12.3 Mill. (3-5 Mill.)
This isn't the Jays fault for such a lousy, ridiculous contract. Even the Phillies wouldn't pay Rolen's lazy, pride ridden self money to look pretty at third base. Rolen has skill, but lacks effort. I'm sure when Rolen's contract is about to expire he will put up some mega huge season that woos other ballclubs to pay him even more, but hey with this guy you never know. Why pay him 12+ million to tank it for most of the season like he has done after his monster 2004 season. Rolen if you don't want to play let someone else take over at third!!!

Anaheim Angels, OF Garret Anderson, 11.6 Mill. (true value: 4-6 Mill)
Anderson has sunk into the role of needing a day off every 8-10 days, but with the kind of money he is being paid you would want him to play 150+ games. Garrett hasn't played a near full season since 2003. 2003 was also Garret's last good year. In the past 5 years Garret's numbers have been falling in every statistical category; his stats decreased in home runs, games played, runs batted in, hits, and even a decrease in making contact with the ball and home plate period.

Boston Red Sox, OF J.D. Drew, 11 Mill. (true value: 3-6 Mill.)
The only question is "Why"? Drew has only one good season, but other than that has been injured or too lazy to hit. I know it is just one season, but if Drew follows up with a season with less than 20 homers for a couple more seasons, then the BoSox blew another contract. 11 home runs last year was ridiculous, but this is J.D. Drew. Realistically you should only expect 15-20 home runs with 75-85 RBIs. That is the real Drew, not the Drew you saw 2004.

New York Yankees, SP Carl Pavano, 10 Mill. (true value: 2-5 Mill.)
I'm sorry, but I had a good laugh at the Bill James Win Share per million rating for Mr. Carl Pavano. Pavano's WS/Million was listed at .08. .08 is also the blood alcohol limit in the state of Florida, you know the state he once pitched in. Now by state I do mean Florida, but nowadays it seems Pavano's mental state in New York is more like a pair of drunken gambler buddies that woke up hung over and mad at each other for all the financial losses. Pavano has contributed nothing to his buddy Mr. George Steinbrenner besides a few news articles where a few of his team mates called him out to the field.

Texas Rangers, SP Vicente Padilla, 9 Mill. (true value: 4-6 Mill.)
Padilla may have been worth 9 million per year back in 2000-2003, but since then he has packed on just as much weight as Livan Hernandez and is nothing more than a number 4 starter. Last year he piled up batting practice to the AL with a 5.76 ERA in 120.1 innings.

Oakland Athletics, 3B Eric Chavez, 9.5 Mill. (true value: 5-7 Mill.)
Since 2002, every year has gotten worse for Eric Chavez. In 2002 Chavez hit a career high 34 homers and batted .275, only to steadily decline each year after. Last year Chavez hit only 15 homers and played only 90 games. Chavez likely will hit 20 home runs again if he can stay healthy and minimize his strikeouts to less than 100 per year and raise his batting average.

Boston Red Sox, SS Julio Lugo, 8 Mill (true value: 1-3 Mill.)
The BoSox must be blind, deaf, or stupid. Lugo is a horrible defensive infielder and most of the world saw that in last years playoffs. How do you ditch one affordable Alex Gonzalez for a bottom end crappy shortstop and then pay him more. Alex Gonzalez is a crappy hitter overall, but is definitely a better defensive short stop, better clutch hitter, and possess more pop in the bat than Lugo. Nothing around Lugo's contract makes any sense. You guys should have called Nomar up at the nd of the 06 season.


*Before Canseco has a chance to publish his second book, I will post a blog using "Canseco Logic" to call out all players I suspect as steroid users, that is all the players I expect Canseco is going to call out in his book.

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Most Overpaid Players in the National League

On Yahoo Sports I read the most ridiculous article that cited Manny Ramirez as one of the most overpaid players in baseball. The article talks about this Win Share per Million bang for your buck devised by Bill James, but doesn't even explain how to calculate. The article only says some rubbish about certain statistics such as "including batting, fielding and pitching". Well I really think the article is total bullcrap. If Manny Ramirez is so overpaid then how the hell is Alex Rodriguez not on this list, and what about Todd Helton? At least Manny shows up to get his team to the playoffs and win in the playoffs. The Boston Red Sox wouldn't have won a World Series without Manny Ramirez. David Ortiz couldn't do it alone during their first championship, and the rest of the BoSox lineup wouldn't have been pitched to if without Manny being such a force in the middle of the lineup. Bill James Win Share/million can shove it. I'm going to give you the most overpaid players that are major burdens to their teams. First I am going to give you my list of overpaid players in the National League, then follow it up in a few days with overpaid players in the American League. I also included what I deem as their true value. Just like the article above I have used a complex calculation to guessstimate what they should be making yearly.

Los Angeles Dodgers, SP Jason Schmidt, 15.7 Million (true value: 0$ if he can't pitch this season)

If Schmidt gets injured or his fastball comes in topping at 87mph then you've been ripped off as a dodger fan or employee in the Dodgers organization. 

Atlanta Braves, SP Mike Hampton, 14.5 Mill. (true value: 8-10 Mill)

Hampton is at best a number 3 pitcher that can give you a good half season if he can stay healthy and consistent. In the past 3 years with the Braves he has accumulated 32 wins, about 10 wins per season which is good for the third pitcher in your rotation, but would you be willing to pay 14.5 Million to a number 3 starter? Hampton has also an ERA of 3.97, averaging 74K strikeouts, 53 Walks per season.With Hamptons history he is expected to produce 20-25 starts this season for the Braves. The Braves will likely compete with the Marlins or Nationals for last place in the NL East and worse team in both leagues.

Houston Astros, SS Miguel Tejada, 13.8 Mill. (true value: 6 Mill)

Since steroid testing has begun in 2003, Tejadas power numbers have taken a dive. When is he just going to pull off a Duran and say "No Mas", then like Duran he goes on to say the referee misunderstood him, but in Tejada's case he might say they misunderstood him when he said he didn't use steroids.

San Diego Padres, OF Brian Giles, 9.7 Mill. (true value: 2-5 Mill)

Brian Giles has not hit more than 15 home runs in 3 seasons. Lets look at some facts. Since steroid testing began, Giles has hit a brick wall and I don't know who fell faster between him, his stats and Mr. Potato head. The law of gravity suggests that all objects are supposed to fall at the same rate, but it seems Giles stats seem to be falling faster. Bad analogy I know, but you get the point. This contract has become absolutely absurd no matter how you look at it. Blame it on injuries? Nope, Giles has been nearly injury free for 2 of those 3 seasons. Blame it on the ballpark? Nope, when you play a large number of your games in hitter friendly San Francisco, Colorado and Arizona you can easily make up for playing in a tough park.

Los Angeles Dodgers, SS Nomar Garciaparra, 8.5 Mill (true value: 2-5 Mill)

Nomar hasn't played a full season since 2003 and has hit more than 10 homeruns only once (2006) since that season. Nomar will always give you average, but he has never been a promising fielder and at his current age he can only cover so much room. At 8.5 Mill he is way overpaid.

Atlanta Braves, OF Mark Kotsay, 8 Mill. (true value: 1-3 Mill)

Kotsay is a bench player that has no speed or power. He is a 3 inning defensive replacement, and nothing more than that. In the past 4 seasons with Oakland, Mark has averaged 10 homers, 5 stolen bases, batted .282, and 118 games per season.

Chicago Cubs, SP Jon Lieber, 7.8 mill.(3-5 Mill)

So Lieber is set to be the number 4 pitcher in the rotation. Why would you pay over 7 Million to a pitcher that has been getting hurt a lot in the past 2 seasons. Prior went and signed a 1 million dollar contract elsewhere. You could have signed Prior for 1 Million or even better, picked off Dontrelle Willis when he was available. Lieber will continue to pitch batting practice like he did in Philadelphia. His era in the past 3 seasons have been 4.20 (2005), 4.93 (2006), 4.73 (2007). Lieber is to pitching like what an all or nothing hitter is to batting. If Lieber can't strike you out, then he is doomed and with so much of his mechanics failing as of late, this guy should start preparing for retirement.

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